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'GeoCMS launch at T3CON11 in San Francisco'
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'New SPTools version integrates SharePoint with TYPO3 DAM'
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'TYPO3 Multishop makes webshops easy'
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'TYPOTYCOON on T3CON10 Dallas'
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'TT and t3n start cooperation'
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'TYPOTYCOON on Linked In'
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'Sharepoint 2 TYPO3 Connector'
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'Free templates for TYPO3'
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'FC Bigfeet live'
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Welcome to our website! Please look around and feel free to ask questions if you have any. You can do so here. You can also search the site.

Did you already discover our GIS connector GeoCMS, the web shop solution TYPO3 multishop, or the Microsoft SharePoint connector? Or the Apache Solr search solution?

If you want to make your own TYPO3 extension, start using FLOW3, and don't forget to read about ExtBase!

Monitoring of all your TYPO3 sites can be done with the Caretaker project.

Translation into different languages can now be handled by the L10n language manager.

A lot of our TYPO3 partners are looking for a free TYPO3 template for their own website or a TYPO3 project for a customer. Free TYPO3 templates are available in different packages. Login as a partner on this website and read more.


What is the SharePoint Connector?
Advantages of Sharepoint Connector
Phases in the SharePoint project
Microsoft SharePoint and TYPO3: Strong Partners with SharePoint Connector
Supported SharePoint functions
SharePoint view of the Filemanager. TYPO3 frontend view of the Filemanager.
Calender and News
Press releases
Document Management
Appointment and Event Management
SharePoint connector Q&A
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2010 are fulle supported by SPTools
SPTools integrates SharePoint with TYPO3 DAM
SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2010 now integrate with TYPO3 DAM
SharePoint for Open Office
TYPOTYCOON in other languages

Did you already visit our website in another language?

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